Next Year Won’t Work Without You

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Just when we thought we could put 2021 behind us and happily ring in the new year, we’re in another Covid scare. I know how you feel.

I don’t know about you, but I’m at an end. I’m tired of the news yet can’t stop reading. I joked with my husband, wondering what we were even talking to each other about before Covid. The numbers, the positivity rates, getting our hands on rapid tests. It’s too much.kindness

You’re burnt out, I’m burnt out, and were all out of good ideas. I get it. Even for me, a nutritionist and a natural born introvert who actually benefited from the lockdown, I’ve been feeling the need to stretch my wings and get out more, see more people and get back to, what my family jokingly calls the “days before days”. I feel for my kids, who have not had any normalcy in their 20’s. Covid, and the fear surrounding it, may be around for a long time. And a long time can feel like forever.

It’s with no surprise that what started out as nightly “quarantinis”, daily happy hours, no exercise and baking all the bread and cookies got many people into a big mess. There were only so many months you could use Covid as an excuse. So many of my clients had real concerns about their drinking and turning to sugar as a way to cope. Covid shined a light on the real need to persevere despite a fearful situation.

In a way, I have run out of pithy one liners and “5 ways to rev up your resolutions”. I’m definitely not going to let you in on the latest diet secret (because there is none). I want to tell you to please no, do not start browsing the internet for the latest magic bullet. Seriously, there is nothing else to cut out of our eating.

I looked back on any past posts I have written about resolutions and I was glad to see that what I felt almost 10 years ago, I am still feeling now, probably with even more conviction. You can read my very first blog post The Best Resolution You Can Promise Yourself. This post is very meaningful to me because ten years ago I was having a much different relationship with myself than I am now. I was a practicing nutritionist who needed to lose weight, emotionally ate and drank wine as a way to cope with all the hard things.

In that post, I was talking to myself.

I wrote about making small goals, not feeling any should’s and making a promise to you. In other past posts I talked about kindness, self compassion and doing your best. Not a single diet solution to be found.

That’s because it all starts with you. When you do your best, you can be forgiving towards ourselves. Doing your best does not mean perfection. We can look back on the past year, lose what is no longer serving us and try something new. Something that does not include should’s or reprimanding. Small steps and a deeper relationship with the vision you have always had for yourself.

There is no diet, weight loss regimen or eating plan that will work unless you have a good relationship with the one person you need to care for the most, you.

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