2014: Create A Vision of Your True Self

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resolutionIt’s resolution time!  How many of you have resolved to finally lose ten pounds this January or go to the boot camp class (that you secretly dread) five times a week?  Or how about no longer eating sugar, wheat, gluten or dairy – only to have it all fall apart two weeks later?  I am here to tell you something, and it actually might be somewhat of a relief.

Resolutions don’t work.  

I know that it is natural to think of the new year as a chance to start over, and if you even acknowledging things that need to be changed then good for you for taking an important first step.  But studies have shown that simply adding a new number to the year is typically not enough to change your deeply ingrained habits.

I like to look at the new year in a gentler, kinder way.  I am also a believer in “out with the old and in with the new” especially when it comes to the tired habit of making resolutions. Rather than resolutions, which are usually about deprivation or starvation, I like to create a vision of how I want my year to play out – with  my health, family, career, creativity and overall wellbeing.  This allows you to tap into your creative, powerful soul. There are many ways to create a vision for yourself.  Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

Sign up for Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map.  I love Danielle Laporte, for she has tuned into a totally creative way to set goals, that is unlike anything you have tried before.  Rather than focusing on specific goals such as “lose 10 pounds”, Danielle helps you hone in your Core Desired Feelings.  How do you want to feel this year?  Goals will then fall into place after that. I will be spending my day tomorrow coming up with exactly how I want this next year to feel.

Example of a vision board

Create a Vision Board.  Basically, a vision board is a collage that represents your dreams and goals.  This is a chance to put your creativity into action.  A poster board, tons of magazines to clip out pictures and significant words, colored markers, pencils, glue sticks, glitter, whatever you want your vision board to look like is up to you.  The point is to take your dreams out of your head and place them right in front of you.  Daily inspiration will ensue.  If the thought of cutting and gluing does not appeal to you, there are online vision board options.  Click here for the Oprah online vision board maker or sign up for Pinterest, the ultimate online dream board.

Keep a Gratitude Journal. I am a writer at heart and have about five journals/big notebooks going at one time.  Usually journalingI just put pen to paper, but I have been know to glue in words or pictures from magazines, use colored pencils, feathers, whatever.  If writing is not your thing, keeping a daily list of five things you are grateful for can be easy, doable and inspiring.  Life is not about deprivation, this exercise will make you believe in abundance.

In the comments below, please share your vision of 2014 and I will share mine as well through my Pinterest page and this post.  We are all in this together.  Have a happy and peaceful New Year!


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