Spring Carrot Hemp Seed Salad

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It feels so good to be back on the blog. I have been sending out newsletters and promoting things, but have not taken the time to post a new recipe lately. This time of year is notoriously busy for me, but when is it not?If you haven’t noticed, it’s been really rainy around my neck of the woods lately, which only means one thing: spring garden season! I don’t mind the rain because I know that means things outside grow. We have plenty of time for hot and humid.I also love spring because we are finally away from heavy, slow cooked foods and into real seasonal, simple eating. In Chinese medicine we are in the Wood phase, which is a time to clean out, naturally detox our liver and start eating lighter. Carrots and parsley happen to play a prominent role in this phase as well. So do leafy green vegetables such as kale, citrus, peas and broccoli. All natural detoxifiers. But that’s for another post.I made this salad and it just fits the bill for what I am craving right now. The earthiness of nutrient rich carrots, the anti-inflammatory benefits of parsley and the healthy fats found in hemp, and I’m in heaven. Round it out with a drizzle of honey, some lemon and good olive oil and you have a winner.I think this simple, easy salad would be perfect as part of a bowl – some quinoa and tofu, etc. It’s looking for companions. Could be tomorrow’s lunch. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Spring Carrot Salad with Hemp Seeds

Makes 6 servings


1 pound carrots, trimmed and cut into 1-inch pieces
4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
3 tablespoons fresh squeezed lemon juice
1 tablespoon honey
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper
3/4 cup dried currants
1/2 cup minced fresh parsley
2 tablespoons hemp seeds


1. Peel the carrots and grate them in a food processor (or hand grate). Place into a large mixing bowl and set aside.

2. In a small bowl, whisk the olive oil, lemon juice, honey, salt, and pepper until combined. Drizzle the dressing over the carrots and add the currants, parsley and hemp seeds.Toss to combine and serve.

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