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Finding Your Joy and Purpose in Midlife


Rediscover the joy of life’s second act alongside executive coach Reina Bach, whose expertise in leadership development and coaching shines through our discussion about overcoming the stereotypes of midlife. As we peel back the layers of personal narratives that often lead to what some women might call a ‘midlife crisis’, …

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Come On, Get Happy! With Happiness Coach Tamara Zoner

Tamara Zoner

Embark on a journey to contentment with Tamara Zoner, the happiness expert, as she unpacks the habits of a joy-infused life. By the end of the episode, you’ll have a treasure chest of strategies to foster an enduring sense of peace and well-being. Tamara doesn’t just hand over the keys …

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Embracing Love Languages for Personal Transformation and Healing

Paul Zolman

From the ashes of a turbulent childhood, blossoms a story of redemption and self-discovery. Join us as Paul Zulman, the author of “The Role of Love,” opens up about his transformative journey and the role love languages have played in his life. In a heart-to-heart that promises both enlightenment and …

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Laura Broome Unveils The Keys to a Resilient Life

Laura Broome

Laura Broom, a resilience coach with a remarkable story of transformation, joins us to reveal her secrets to bouncing back stronger than ever. Having faced breast cancer, the death of a child, a heart transplant, and an unexpected divorce, Laura’s resilience isn’t just theoretical – it’s a lived reality. She’s …

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