New Recipe: Roasted Lemon Chicken

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Happy New Year! I hope your last few weeks were relaxing, healthy and happy.  Every December I make a pact with  myself to try my best to leave stress at the back door, eat as few cookies as possible  and, most important, keep up with my healthy cooking and meal planning.

I rarely go into a week without a meal plan.  I have been planning out my meals every Sunday for as long as I can remember and I can tell you first hand that it is essential to eating well. But, alas, I am human too and the holidays suddenly seem to take precedent over everything.  For me, it is Hanukah then two nights of Christmas celebrations, my husband’s birthday and a couple of parties.  Not an easy time to create a plan.

By last night I knew it was time to get back into action.  I had a lot of lemons leftover and sitting in my refrigerator (why did I  need so many lemons?) some limes and now, lots of fresh herbs from my new vertical indoor garden. I also had a few packs of organic chicken thighs that were on the verge of neglect.

This is the coolest present I have ever gotten!

This recipe is quick and easy.  I cut the citrus in half and coarsely chopped the herbs.  You can really use any herbs that you have on hand, and I used thyme and rosemary because that what is growing in my kitchen right now. You could also squeeze an orange in there and use dried herbs instead of fresh. Your choice.


I juiced the lemons and limes, whisked with a couple of splashes of extra virgin olive oil and added in the herbs, salt and pepper.  I placed it all in a zip lock bag to marinate for a few hours and went about my day.

lemonchicken2Later, I heated the oven and placed the chicken on a roasting pan.  I gave the chicken thighs a pat with some paper towels so they weren’t too damp.  You don’t want the chicken to start steaming in the oven.


So easy, with a nice, light taste after all our heavy holiday dinners. Enjoy and let me know how it works out for you. Click HERE for the recipe.


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