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The Hottest Hot Sauce


Every year I intentionally grow lots of hot peppers in my garden to have our annual hot sauce contest. My husband and I go head to head to see who can make the hottest hot sauce and this year, I won! If you like to add a kick to your …

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Simple Peach and Pecan Crisp

simple peach crisp

Do you love peaches as much as I do? Summer is the season for peaches is right now and I want you to take full advantage of them. Peaches are one of those ultra seasonal fruits (along with all stone fruits such as plums) that you will definitely not find …

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Quick Pickled Cucumbers and Onion

pickled cucumber and onion

It’s that time of year to start using up that bumper crop of garden veggies and you, my friend, are going to learn how to make quick pickled cucumbers and red onion. Or just pickles, as I like to call them. My garden lets me know where things are at …

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